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Finding the Soul of a Horse

Noelle on Day 46
with Joe

Joe and Kathleen's previously unhandled pregnant mustang adopted from the BLM in Reno

Day 1- Noelle Loading
at the BLM

Day 18 - Joe & Noelle

Day 70 - Joe and Noelle

Dancing Barefoot
Joe and Kathleen's barefoot herd
living as nature intended... twenty-four hours a day.

Why Our Horses Eat from the Ground
Joe talks about the light bulb moment that left him no choice but to feed his horses from the ground.
3 minutes

Finding the Soul of a Horse
Joe found the soul of a dog with his floppy-eared superstar Benji. Now he's finding the soul of a horse. An awesome video in a minute-and-a-half.


Hear clips from Joe's
Dare to Dream

A terrific radio interview
with Robin and Larry on the
WOCA Morning Show in
Ocala FL on Joe's new book
The Soul of a Horse Blogged
Good Stuff. And fun.

TV Interview with Joe, Kathleen, and the Herd
on Location at their New Home in Tennessee

Listen to Joe on WGN Chicago
A Terrific Interview About The Soul of a Horse

CNN's Daryn Kagen
Television Interview with Joe
On Location at Joe & Kathleen's Place

A super TSOAH interview with
Larry Whitler and Robin MacBlane
on WOCA-AM Ocala/Gainesville
The heart of horse country in Florida

Interview with Joe and Cash
At the Studio

The Horse Show with Rick Lamb
Radio Interview
26 minutes

Wild About Pets radio interview with Susan Frank

Read Debbie Sklar's interview
with Joe in IMAGE Magazine
Southern California's premiere lifestyle publication - Circulation 500,000

Hour-and-a-half interview with Dr. Kevin Keough

Television interview with ABC San Diego

Judyth Piazza's American Perspective
Interview with Joe on WTTB

The Coaching Commons
Internet Radio Interview


New Video of Mouse
Two Years Later

Mouse was rescued from horrendous conditions by the Animal Rescue League of Iowa; terrified of people. This video is two years later, almost to the day.

Why Our Horses Are Barefoot
Joe talks about the light bulb moment that left him no choice but to take his horses barefoot.
3 minutes

Benji Gets a New Baby... Horse

Benji Movie Memories
Over the years there have been five Benji movies played by three diffrent dogs. Here are memorable moments from all of them in two-and-a-half minutes.

Grandpa's New Years Gift
Joe's youngest son, filmmaker Brandon Camp, put together a lovely video of Joe, the horses, and two of Joe's grandkids, Cleo and Henry, together over the New Year holiday.



If you de-worm your horses regularly please listen to this Equine Affaire presentation by Dr. Dan Moore, the Natural Vet
Click Here






Camp Horse Camp, LLC -



Here We Go Again

2 Mustangs from the Wild - 1st Trip into a New Paddock

First Romp in the Pasture for Saffron
& Stormy

Relationship First!

Our California
Paddock Paradise

Our Rescue Miss Mouse Two Years Later

Why Our Horses Eat from the Ground

Why Our Horses Are Barefoot

Benji Gets a New Baby... Horse

Dancing Barefoot

Interview with Cash

Movie Memories

More Videos

Day 1 Video
with Noelle

Day 18 Video
with Noelle

Day 46 Video
with Noelle

Day 70 Video
with Noelle

Behind the Scenes
Benji Off the Leash

Parents Speak Out

The Original Benji
Movie Trailer

Benji Off the Leash

BOTL Movie Clip
Food for the Worms

BOTL Movie Clip
Not Now!

BOTL Movie Clip
Benji Finally Gets It

Finding the Soul of a Horse

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