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Finding the Soul of a Horse

Two Mustangs
Three Mind-Boggling Months

Time has flown by at the speed of light. It doesn’t seem possible that it’s been almost 100 days since Miss Saffron stepped off the trailer, an as yet unhandled mustang from the wild who had never willingly touched or been touched by any human. And she was very pregnant. We were told by the BLM that she would probably deliver in May. That was March 17th. Three days later Miss Firestorm was born.

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The Soul of a Horse Blog

Follow our new journey with an amazing unhandled mustang from the wild and her brand new baby. For those who remember Noelle and Malachi, you’ll know why the first post and video is entitled Here We Go Again. The the first posts and videos are listed below in chronological order. To see the latest post click The Soul of a Horse Blog

Here We Go Again 
The Video - How it lBegan 
OMG Y'all... It's a Girl!
 What an Extraordinary Weekend!  

 Baby Dozes in My Lap 
Firestorm's 1st Playpen
No-Agenda Time –Super!
Birthday Gift from a Mustang

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From southern California to middle Tennessee
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People - and horses - are far more profoundly affected by the power of our example
than they ever are by the example of our power.  

"I am forever changed by this spectacular book!"
"Readers who have never even been close to a horse are flooding us with letters, emails, and internet reviews praising Joe's best seller The Soul of a Horse: Life Lessons from the Herd," Kathleen Camp reports.

Raina Smith from Rhode Island writes, "What an amazing book!
I couldn't put it down until I devoured every word, every idea, every beautiful thought. By the way, I am not a horse owner. I
am quite simply an animal lover.
This book will breathe a breath
of fresh air into your own soul. It did mine! I am forever changed by this spectacular book!"

“Your book has taken my breath away! I can’t tell you the emotion I felt as I was reading it. I haven’t been able to put it down.” A forum posting by Laura Deignan in Massachusetts.

"Thank you for writing The Soul of A Horse. It is the best book I've ever read. I got it at the library and devoured it. I gave it to my husband, I gave it to my neighbor, I went and bought my own copy, I gave it to my vet, she gave it to her manager, our trainer is next!  Our vet told me she might have been offended having a neophyte give a veteran advice, except that she agreed with everything you said. She told me the natural trimmer is coming on Monday to do her horses feet. I have never emailed an author before but I had to tell you how much I love your book. It is traveling around our ranch community in Salida, Colorado and warming a lot of people's hearts.... Sincerely, Mara Sartorius"

"This book is destined to be a bestseller. It made me laugh, and cry, and I couldn't put it down. When it was over I wanted more, so I read it again. The Soul of a Horse is the best read I've had in years, maybe ever!" writes Maggie in an email.

Your book has touched me in a way I had not known possible. It has inspired me to take a second look at my life and the world around me." Fatima in Toronto.

"A friend recommended this book to me and I wasn't sure why since I have never owned a horse...nor did I plan to own one. But it swept me away. From the first to last page I felt transported! I could imagine myself sitting on the porch of the Camp's home watching these magnificent creatures. I learned SO much about horses and their SOULS. With everything that's been going on in the world of horse racing, this could not have been written at a more appropriate time. The book is clever, witty and inspiring. A very fast read. I was sad when I finished it because I wanted to read more! And so many of the lessons can be applied to LIFE...not just horses. You will not regret reading this book. And I will never look at a horse the same way." Amazon reader-review by Debbie Chartrand

"I devoured the book, from cover to cover...every word.   AMAZING! I laughed, cried and am waiting for "The Soul of a Horse", the MOVIE!!! I purchased every copy that they had here at Schulers Bookstore in Okemose Michigan and have given them all away. My husband did the same thing at Barnes and Noble in Tampa." An email from Deedee Kelly

"This is one of the best books I have ever read. You don't have to own a horse to enjoy this book," reports Karen Jones on

"As I consumed this book I mentally replaced the word horse with the word teenager and it totally changed my relationship with my kids for the better. Joe Camp's story offers metaphor upon metaphor for increasing awareness of ourselves in relationship to others," said an email from Anna Quinn.

"I had to let you know how taken I am with the book.  I read it in two days and that says a lot. I usually fall asleep after two pages. I was not only struck by the message and the lessons, but the way you sent the message. Your ability to lure us into your stories and make us truly care for the characters is an amazing gift. My new cause will be putting your book in the hands of everyone I know." An email from Danna Beith, Cary, NC

"I had to share with you some words from my Mom (I bought this book for her for Mothers Day): 'I can't thank you enough. The Soul of A Horse is the best book I have ever read, I can't put it down. I read it in two days. I learned so much about horses & found so much insight.' I kid you not, my Mom called me three times a day to thank me for this book. She has read a lot but nothing has touched her like this book. She wants to know more about the author & pretty much is craving all the information she can get." An email from Sheri Amorelli.

Kelly writes on, "My Mother-in-law and I were so enraptured with the book, The Soul of a Horse , that we spent the entire morning in sheer, blissful silence. This is a beautifully written book with clear insights beyond what you would ever expect from a book seemingly about horses. It is really about our relationships with all who we share this planet with."

"This book was an amazing read. I literally could not put it down and I'm not a horsie person. The story made me laugh out loud, tear up a couple of times, get angry, and question how I communicate with my employees," wrote Nancy on the Barnes & Noble website.

Anna Scott writes in an email, "Just finished your book and to say I loved it would be the epitome of understatement. I have learned so much from it. Thank you, Thank you."

"I wanted you to know that I loved your book. I have not read anything like it since James Herriott (In my book that says a lot). It made me laugh and it made me cry and it made me think. I have bought more copies of "Benji off the Leash" than of any other movie ever made, because I give them as gifts. I am going to be doing the same thing with The Soul of a Horse," Joy Eriksen writes in an email.

"And on and on it goes," Kathleen adds. "To read more reader-reviews go to,,,, and all over the internet. Just Google The Soul of a Horse, the best horse book ever, or Joe Camp," she smiles. "I'm really proud of my hubby."

Barefoot Proven Better for Your Horse's Health!

I stumbled onto an article that completely changed the way we look at our horses feet, as well as their room and board. A massive stack of research, books and videos later, we pulled the shoes off all six of our horses. They are trimmed using the "wild horse trim,"and are turned out 24/7.

I had no idea that a horse's hoof is supposed to flex, and the flexing is supposed to serve as a blood pump that not only helps to keep the foot healthy, but takes strain off the heart and improves their immune system. Flexing also provides shock absorption for the foot and legs. And any metal shoe nailed to the horse's hoof eliminates the hoof's ability to flex.

No flexing means severely reduced blood flow within the hoof mechanism, and up the legs to the heart. Which means the hoof will, sooner or later, become unhealthy. There is no other physiological possibility.

Please don't take my word for it. Check out the enormous amounts research out there on the internet. Go see how Jaime Jackson, Pete Ramey, Eddie Drabek, Dr. Hiltrud Strasser, James and Yvonne Welz, and so many others are saving horses every day that someone has said must be put down due to some lameness or other. See Joe's review of Pete Ramey's terrific new DVD set Under the Horse. And read about Jaime Jackson's studies of more than 1000 mustang hooves in the wild to determine what mother nature intended for the horse (click his name above). And his "model" called the "wild horse trim" that replicates the function of the mustang hoof in the wild. The results are truly astounding, at least for those of us who grew up believing that domestic horses must have shoes. Our six have rock-crushing feet and are good to go on any surface.

The Houston Mounted Patrol, among others, is completely barefoot with the "wild horse trim" and the horses spend their time every day carrying police officers on concrete and asphalt streets. Please click the link above and read this amazing story. Reining horses, roping horses, jumpers and dressage horses are doing the same and winning against shod horses.

When we took the shoes off Cash, our big ten year old Arabian gelding, I swear I could feel the smile! A tendon issue in his left front leg disappeared completely.

Again, and this is so important, so many horses wearing shoes have been condemned to be put down only to have a natural hoof trimmer pull their shoes and bring them back to a sound and healthy life (see the article on Pete Ramey in the December 2006 issue of Horse & Rider; and Eddie Drabek's website Amazing story after story you should read for yourself. Drabek says he has never met a single horse that couldn't be taken successfully barefoot with the proper balanced trim and diet. No matter what discipline they perform, no matter how many hours a day they carry someone around, in short, no matter what. But, again, please don't listen to me. Check it all out for yourself. Your horse deserves it. I hope you'll read more and check out the links at:

Read About Going Barefoot!

See Photos of
Barefoot Winners!

Did you know that there is no such thing as a "domesticated" horse. All of out horses are genetically wild in captivity. Or better put, wild in our care. The modern day high performance horse, the contemporary wild horse, and the wild horse of the ice age are all physiologically, anatomically, and psychologically the same genetically. That's why the wild horse model works!

Kathleen, Joe, Dylan and Allegra visit Monty Roberts (left) at his ranch in Solvang, California.

Joe & Kathleen's Tele-Workshops on Barefoot & Equine Diet and Nutrition Available
The first two of Joe and Kathleen's Tele-Workshop series A Crazy Little Thing Called Love are available to hear with Workshop notes, links and email addresses of the presenters. The first Tele-Workshop Why Would You Ever Let Your Horse Go Barefoot? and the second Why Would You Ever Let Your Horse Eat That? are both available at this lis link: Tele-Workshops. Learn all the facts you'll ever need to take your horse barefoot or feed your horse into a happy and healthy life; the way he was genetically designed to eat. It's the loving thing to do. These are two-and-a-half-hour workshops with Joe, Kathleen, Eddie Drabek and Mark Taylor, two of the foremost natural hoof specialists in the country, and special guest equine nutritionist Dr. Juliette Getty, author of the terrific new book Feed Your Horse Like a Horse. The workshops are jammed full of facts, undeniable truths, and real-life experiences with lots of Q&A. Check them out.

Joe & Kathleen's Barefoot Tele-Workshop Big Success
Joe and Kathleen's first Tele-Workshop, A Crazy Little Thing Called Love - or - Why Would You Ever Let Your Horse Go Barefoot, kicked off the series in a big way. "It makes all the work worthwhile to hear how much people got out of that first workshop," Kathleen Camp said. "Horse's and people's lives have changed for the better and that's what drives us forward," said Joe Camp. "That's why we get up every morning." TW1, the Camp's nickname for the Tele-Workshop played to attendees from Oregon to Miama and from California to Maine. And international attendees from Scotland, Australia, South Africa, and the United Arab Emerates. By popular demand, TW2 will explore equine diet and nutrition.

Washington Post Joins the Raves for the Best Seller: The Soul of a Horse

"One cannot help but be touched by Camp's love and sympathy for animals and by his eloquence on the subject."  
Michael Korda - The Washington Post

"To say too much about Camp's compelling book would be to spoil much of the beauty and simplicity of the story. The tightly-written, simply-designed and powerfully drawn chapters often read like short stories that flow from the heart, not just from the corral."
Jack L. Kennedy
The Joplin Independent

"This book is absolutely fabulous! An amazing, amazing book. You're going to love it."
Janet Parshall
Janet Parshall's America
Salem Radio Network

"It takes courage and a fair bit of self-confidence to contradict conventional wisdom on the care and nature of horses the way Joe Camp does in his book. But then, this isn't the first time Camp has been proven right when it comes to animals. Through experiences both humorous and dramatic, Camp manages to create the closest attempt at a first-person perspective on the thought processes of a horse since Mr. Ed."
David Hofstede
Cowboys and Indians

"Joe Camp is a gifted storyteller and when he turns his talents to his newest passion, the horse, the results are magical. Few veteran horsemen can impart the insights about horses that Joe Camp, a relative newcomer, has done in his book The Soul of a Horse. Joe entertains, educates and empowers, baring his own soul while articulating keystone principles of a modern revolution in horsemanship."
Rick Lamb
TV/Radio host "The Horse Show"
Author of Human to Horseman

"Joe Camp is a natural when it comes to understanding how animals tick and a genius at telling us their story. The Soul of a Horse is a must read for those who love animals of any species."
 Monty Roberts
Author of New York Timers Best-seller The Man Who Listens to Horses

"A fantastic book."
Steve Dale - WGN Chicago

"Joe Camp takes you on an awe-inspiring adventure in his latest book. Emotionally engaging and truly heartwarming, and perfect for the entire family."
Aubrey Rykovich - Bit And Bridle

"A beautiful book."
David Davis – KUSI-TV San Diego

"Heartwarming, joyful and triumphant. A literary gem. Not just for horse lovers but for anyone who has loved any living creature."
Calamity Cate
True Cowboy Magazine

"You will never look at a horse race, or a herd of mustangs, or even the canine of dubious parentage that is lounging on your couch, the same way."
Debra McGuire, The Las Vegas Review Journal

"A masterpiece."
The Ultimate Horse

"Joe Camp writes about horses with empathy, curiosity, and a deep regard for equine instincts and behavior. It's a book that encourages the reader, gently, to step into the herd and learn."
Debbie Moors
Horse & Rider

"Joe shows that animals can change your perspective and perhaps even your life. There are life lessons to be learned here that go beyond the pasture and affect the quality of your life. Read this book and feel your heart open."
Mike Thompson
Writer-Producer of the new Universal film TRAVELING

"Joe speaks a clear and simple truth that grabs hold of your heart."
Yvonne Welz
Editor, The Horse's Hoof Magazine

"I wish you could hear my excitement for Joe Camp's new book, The Soul of a Horse. It is unique, powerful, needed."
Dr. Marty Becker
Best-selling author of several "Chicken Soup for the Soul" books; Popular veterinary contributor to ABC's "Good Morning America"

"The Soul of a Horse is beautiful. Everyone who reads this book will laugh a little, cry a little, and think a lot; about the horse, about mankind, and about themselves."
Pete Ramey
Author, Speaker, Hoof Rehabilitation Specialist

"I read The Soul of a Horse and I see the soul of a man. I am absolutely captivated."
Dr. Robert M. Miller, DVM
Author, Lecturer, Equine Veterinarian
2004 Western States Hall of Fame

"Who should read this book? Every person who has a relationship with a horse, other animals, spouse, family, or other humans. So that includes just about everybody."
Kelly Bowers
The Rider Magazine

"I found The Soul Of A Horse an absolutely wonderful book that is not only easy to read, it is also very hard to put down. I highly recommend this book."
T. Michael Testi

"One does not have to love horses to appreciate Joe Camp's new book, The Soul of a Horse . And those who don't already love horses surely will by the time they finish reading."
Maryann Miller

"Lately I have read a number of books that seek to explain and satisfy the human yen to connect physically, emotionally and even spiritually with the horse.   And yet The Soul of a Horse is the only one I've come across that speaks with a totally resounding note of truth. Coincidentally (or not?) it's also the only one I've read that is written with the unflinching insight that a deep and satisfying connection with another individual - human or otherwise - requires us to set aside our own aspirations, expectations and needs in order to clearly understand those of the other. A delightful blend of autobiography, critical analysis and storytelling, this book engages the reader intellectually and emotionally from start to finish."
Ysabelle Dean
Vice President - Australian Equine Barefoot Movement (AEBM) Inc

"Hundreds of other books about horses, training, and equine management have been published, but Camp's easy-to-read prose, humor, and enlightening tales bring readers to question what truly is best for the horse."
Kryille Goldbeck
Library Journal

"Joe Camp's new book, The Soul of a Horse, should be required reading for anyone who wants horses, has horses or just plain loves horses! The book was sooo good I was sad when it ended."
Dr. Kim Bloomer
Host of Animal Talk Naturally Radio

“Joe Camp has to write another book – and soon! Joe is a wonderful story-teller. The book is lively, stimulating, delightful, educational, amusing, entertaining, charming, a pleasure to read and totally lovable.  Joe Camp I am in your debt. Thank you!”
Robert Cook FRCVS PhD
Professor of Surgery Emeritus
Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine - Tufts University

"Yes, it's a "horse" book... but really, it's so much more.  This book is about relationships, choices, acceptance, trust, compromise, and love. Take the horses out of it, if you wish, and it tells stories of life lessons and teaches that the quality of life is often in the choices we make."
Susan Sherlock
Recording Artist

"I am amazed and in awe...and I'm a tough, cynical woman. The ideas in this book are phenomenal."
Holly Hazard
Innovations Director
Humane Society of the United States

"It's lovely! I found myself wiping away a tear on more than one occasion. I like the mix of 'fable' and real stories from Joe's own farm and experiences."
Gaynor Renwick
Manager, Horses First Racing Club; Warminster, England

"Joe Camp's The Soul of a Horse: Life Lessons from the Herd presents the history and majesty of equines in a way that truly touches the heart weaving an engaging tapestry of writings that explore the evolutionary development of horses along with Camp's present day relationship with the horses that have chosen him as their leader. A treasure map leading to untold riches."
Candace Runaas
The World Magazine

"I simply love the way Joe Camp writes. He stirs my soul. He has successfully woven his personal story with horses into a spellbinding book. I have cheered and cried as I have read the pages of this advance copy. This is a must-read book for everyone."
Debbie Soderberg Kirchner

"I couldn't stop reading this book!! I stayed up way too late, but I finished it--every word of it. It made me feel like a kid again, when I hid under the covers past my bedtime to read all the Walter Farley Black Stallion books. The Soul of a Horse is a great book, written with compassion, allowing the reader to live the experience. I am in awe of how Joe Camp has managed to compile the Natural Horse wisdom into such a nurturing and personal format. Thank you so much Joe Camp for enriching my life!"
Laurra Maddock
Owner, Ortega Mountain Ranch

"I was so excited to read this awesome book that I could not stop until I was finished. Joe is a great story teller. He has managed to pull together all of the aspects that make up this new paradigm and has done so in a manner that is somehow both gentle and forgiving to the reader as well as absolutely unquestionable. There will be so many horses (and people) that will benefit tremendously from this book! What a blessing Joe Camp is."
Terry Jenkins
Retired Zoo Sanctuary Manager; Animal Advocate

Saddle up your horses
We've got a trail to blaze
Through the wild blue yonder
of God's amazing grace.
Let's follow our leader
into the glorious unknown.
This is life like no other
This is the great adventure.

Steven Curtis Chapman

Click the Fish!

Early Praise for The Soul of a Horse Blogged - The Journey Continues
“This book captured me from page one! I am so loving it!! And the photos are fantastic! It's a breath of fresh air.” – Dr. Kim Bloomer, Host of Animal Talk Naturally Radio Show

"The Soul of a Horse Blogged - The Journey Continues is insightful, enlightening, emotionally charged, and hilarious, with wonderfully candid photography and a story woven masterfully by a consummate storyteller. Outstanding, poignant, wonderful reading.” - Harry H. MacDonald

"I really, really like Joe's writing. It's as if he is discovering these things right along with the reader, and making sense of it all in a very simple and logical way."
- Chris Lombard, Clinician

"I love 'The Soul of a Horse Blogged'. It is so hard to put the book down, but I also don't
want to read it too fast. I don't want it to end! I am so comforted by Joe's experiences and knowledge. Every person who loves an animal must have
this book. I can't wait for the
next one !!!!!!!!!"
– Nina Black Reid

“I got my book yesterday and I hold Joe Camp responsible for my bloodshot eyes. I couldn't put it down and morning came early!!! Joe transports me into his words. I feel like I am right there sharing his experiences. And his love for not just horses, but all of God's critters pours out from every page. Joe writes from your heart and I guess that is what captivates me and makes it so hard for me to put down one of his books.”
- Ruth Swander

Brand New! The Soul of a Horse Collection
Kathleen Camp's beautiful photography on Note Cards and Prints
Sorry it took so long but this was a new learning curve for us. So many of you asked for this that we felt we had to at least try. So try we did, and here they are, the first set. Click on Note Cards or Prints. The Collection was introduced at Road to the Horse March 5-7, 2010, and drew much attention and terrific responses. We hope you enjoy.

The Ultimate Love Story
He had always loved horses, from afar. She was terrified of them, but when he needed them most she kept her fears a secret.
Joe was depressed. Recent setbacks had left him in shock not knowing what he was to do with the rest of his life. Kathleen knew about his love of horses and surprised him on his birthday with a six-hour trail ride. She was terrified through the entire experience because of a childhood mishap, but Joe never knew. Three weeks later she swallowed hard and encouraged his wish to acquire three horses of their very own. "Only if you really want to," he said. "Only if you can love them as I do. Only if you'll help." Kathleen promised she would. She had no idea how deeply her fears ran.

The Soul of a Horse: Life Lessons from the Herd, Joe Camp's best selling memoir of two complete novices leaping into the world of horses is the ultimate love story, a story of supreme sacrifice driven by unconditional love. And a story that ends in a love of horses so deep that there was no choice but to totally change the way their horses were living.

Camp says he was devastated when he learned how deathly afraid Kathleen was. "I cried like a baby when I discovered the truth of what she was doing for me." He had convinced himself that her desire to acquire more and more horses was inspired by her love of the horse. Kathleen says that was not the case. "We now have Joe's horse, and the five I went through trying to find one I wouldn't be afraid of." Read More

A Horse Inspires Teachers to Reach in the Classroom
Julie, a fifth-grade teacher in La Jolla, California having no prior history with horses began this school year with a renewed feeling and energy after reading the best selling The Soul of a Horse: Life Lessons from the Herd. She believes the book speaks to educatiors. In her own words: "I felt that The Soul of a Horse has many parallels to my work with (human) students. I go to Warwick's in La Jolla quite frequently and was drawn to the book because it came highly recommended. While I was browsing, I heard a couple of employees talking about how they hadn't even ridden a horse before, but they learned several life lessons (patience, persistence, etc.) through reading your account.

"I have to say that I was fascinated by your story telling! I admittedly don't know much about animals, but found it refreshing that you questioned so many assumptions  - particularly when it came to working with horses. I feel this is true with teaching, too. There are many assumptions in the traditional schooling process that need to be questioned. Patience and respect are key ingredients that are often lacking in the educational process. Since I read the book over the summer, I had a renewed feeling beginning the school year. I remember having the feeling that you were talking to a group of educators at many points in the book."

New York Times education writer Jack L. Kennedy agrees. He says, "This warm, cleanly-written and simply but powerfully-drawn book is a voyage of discovery that ponders how things fit together, how we learn, why we do what we do, and how much caring and patience outweigh discipline and over-direction."

Asked if these discoveries in the book were intentional, author Joe Camp said, "Absolutely. Thus the sub-title. Somewhere along our journey, Kathleen and I both began to realize that what we were learning about relationships, leadership, persistence, and patience didn't apply just to horses and the experience changed our lives. We're ecstatic that readers are seeing that as well."

Monty Roberts praises Joe's best selling book The Soul of a Horse
World reknowned trainer of championship horses and author of the New York Times Best Seller The Man Who Listens to Horses, in his Foreword to Joe's new book The Soul of a Horse says, "Imagine how inadequate it makes me feel to realize how recently Joe came into horses. The man is a natural when it comes to understanding how animals tick and a genius at telling us their story. The Soul of a Horse is a must-read for those who love animals of any species."

Media Interviews and Videos
with Joe

Read Why Women Love
The Soul of a Horse

Teachers Use
The Soul of a Horse
in the Classroom

Book Clubs Love
The Soul of a Horse

See Q&A with Joe about the book

See Photos of
Barefoot Champions!

Naked is Natural
Our mission is to help spread the concept of naked, natural, humane, healthy horsemanship as far and wide as possible because with every new recruit we know there are horses out there who are healthier, being treated better, with terrific relationships being forged based on trust and communication. We bring our concerns and efforts for the humane treatment and adoption of homeless pets into the equine world and will be tireless advocates for the humane training and treatment of horses. (See The Soul of a Horse ). During our reasonably short journey into the world of horses, we've learned that we are humans. But our horses are not! We are solitary animals, cave dwellers, predators, fight animals. Our horses are none of the above. They like the wide open spaces. They must have a herd to be happy and healthy. They have no need whatsoever for warm clothes, or shoes (see column to the left). Genetically, horses want to move ten to fifteen miles a day. We've discovered that keeping them cooped up in a box stall, away from the herd, standing in one place all day is so unhealthy, for so many reasons (Natural Pasture). We've also learned that there is no need whatsoever to treat a horse cruelly and without respect. That your horse will be far more willing and eager to please when your relationship is built upon a caring partnership that begins with choice. Theirs. The difference it can make is truly amazing because today, with folks like Monty Roberts, Clinton Anderson, John Lyons, Charles Wilhelm, Stacy Westfall, and the Parelli's at your side, you can go from zero to a hundred in a very short time. You can understand how to communicate with your horse, gain her trust, and how to make her a willing and eager partner. I can't tell you what a great feeling swept over me the first time I took our first horse into the round pen and did a Monty Roberts "Join-Up"... and it worked! Naked Horsemanship is a concept that addresses everything from habitat to how you ride. Read about why a mountain of research says it's better for you and your horse. Click below.

Read About
The Soul of a Horse Horsemanship.
It's Never Too Late!

See Q&A with Joe about the book

View the Video of Our Herd: Dancing Barefoot

Read the article:
We're the Dog People Right? Why Horses?

Go Barefoot

Learn About:
Natural Boarding

Press Room

Many thanks for stopping by. We bring our concerns and efforts for the humane treatment and adoption of homeless pets into the equine world and will be tireless advocates for the humane treatment, care, and training of horses.

Joe and Mouse, our new filly, now three years old was adopted from the Animal Rescue League of Iowa who saved her from abusive, grotesque living conditions. Click here or the photo to read her amazing story and keep up with her progress.

Read the cover story interview with Joe in The Horse's Hoof Magazine

View the New Video of Our Herd:
Dancing Barefoot

Two-and-a-half minutes that will bring a smile and might very well inspire happier and healthier horses in your life. Beware, it's probably a shock for those who believe pastures should be flat.

See Q&A with Joe about the book



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Our California
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Our Rescue Miss Mouse Two Years Later

Why Our Horses Eat from the Ground

Why Our Horses Are Barefoot

Benji Gets a New Baby... Horse

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Interview with Cash

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