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Finding the Soul of a Horse

Dare to Dream

Click below to hear short excerpts from Joe's Dare to Dream presentation.
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Entire presentation available on CD upon request.

Kathleen, Success & Humility
Floppy-eared Notion
Prodigal Son
White Horse

Sniff the Morning Air
Not Mediocre
Beat on the Truck
Playing to Win
Two Most Devastating

Listen to the entire presentation:
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Cut 1 - Dare to Dream
Cut 2 - Lovely Ladies
Cut 3 - Gain Knowledge
Cut 4 - Perservere
Cut 5 - Wheels Down
Cut 6 - Forget Failure
Cut 7 - Make Your Life Extraordinary



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The Soul of a Horse Trailer

Here We Go Again

2 Mustangs from the Wild - 1st Trip into a New Paddock

First Romp in the Pasture for Saffron
& Stormy

Relationship First!

Our California
Paddock Paradise

Our Rescue Miss Mouse Two Years Later

Why Our Horses Eat from the Ground

Why Our Horses Are Barefoot

Benji Gets a New Baby... Horse

Dancing Barefoot

Interview with Cash

Movie Memories

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with Noelle

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with Noelle

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Benji Off the Leash

Parents Speak Out

The Original Benji
Movie Trailer

Benji Off the Leash

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Food for the Worms

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Not Now!

BOTL Movie Clip
Benji Finally Gets It

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