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Finding the Soul of a Horse

We're the dog people, right? Why Horses?

My name is Joe Camp. I've spent most of my life trying to lure you into the heart and soul of a dog (Benji). Now I'm trying to lure you into the heart and soul of a horse. And there are so many important reasons why.

It all began not quite two years ago when my wife Kathleen and I leaped head over heels into the equine world. Both of us have always loved the notion of horses, but my movie career and her law career more or less blocked the trail. Yet, we both fully realize that life is nothing but choices. I was speaking to a musician not long ago, praising his music. "I'd give anything to play like you," I said.

"No you wouldn't," he responded, "or you'd be playing like me."

He was absolutely right. As much as I'd like to play like him, it's a choice not to put in the hours it would take to do so. And every time Kathleen and I come up against things we'd really like to do, or things we think we'd really like to do, we talk about that. About the choices. Do we truly want to do it enough to make the choice. Not long ago, I woke up one morning with the stark realization that I was about to cross a line. My heart was pounding and I was gasping for breath. Could it be? I shook Kathleen until her eyes finally bugged open.

"What?" she grumbled. "Quit shaking me!"

"I am making a choice!" I exclaimed.

Her eyes fell shut. "Oh no," she mumbled. "What has the north wind blown in?" I pried an eyelid up just enough to look her in the eye... and I smiled.

"Horses!" I said. "Horses!"

Life stood very still and for a long moment everything seemed frozen in time. Then a childlike smile crinkled across her face.

Life has been good ever since. Except we had no idea what we were getting into. No clue that everything we thought we knew about horses was wrong. We've been asking so many questions and getting so many answers that didn't seem to make sense. Which led to a compulsive program of learning, applying, and changing every time we found new research and better logic. And we also have experienced the pure joy of seeing what happens to horse-human relationship when it begins by giving the horse the choice of whether or not to be with you.To read more, click below:

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