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Finding the Soul of a Horse

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Buy Both (below) Books
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TV Interview with Joe, Kathleen, and the Herd
on Location at their New Home in Tennessee

Raves for Best Seller
The Soul of a Horse
Life Lessons from the Herd
High Praise for the Sequel
The Soul of a Horse Blogged
The Journey Continues

"One cannot help but be touched by Camp's love and sympathy for animals and by his eloquence on the subject."  

Michael Korda
The Washington Post

"Joe Camp is a gifted storyteller and when he turns his talents to his newest passion, the horse, the results are magical. Few veteran horsemen can impart the insights about horses that Joe Camp, a relative newcomer, has done in his book The Soul of a Horse. Joe entertains, educates and empowers, baring his own soul while articulating keystone principles of a modern revolution in horsemanship."

Rick Lamb
TV/Radio host "The Horse Show"
Author of Human to Horseman

“The Soul of a Horse Blogged captured me from page one!
I am so loving it!! Joe Camp is a master storyteller. I loved The Soul of a Horse, but this book I quite simply adore! What I am so fascinated by is Joe's amazingly short journey to the truth about the horse. He understands the nature and needs of this magnificent animal, and he definitely understands all the politics that are part and parcel these days in the animal world. I would love to see all animal owners dig in with this type of commitment to learning about the needs of their
animals and then applying it so their animals can thrive, rather than just taking all the unsolicited surface advice the 'experts' freely give as the gospel truth. I think this book is more about the soul of a man who is not only committed to the horses
he loves, but to sharing what he has learned and continues to learn for the benefit of all horses with elegance, style, truth and transparency! Kathleen's photography brings this whole equine-man journey to life as it woos you
through the pages of The Soul of a Horse, Blogged.
Read it, you will not regret it!"

Dr. Kim Bloomer, host of Animal Talk Naturally Radio Show


"A fantastic book."

Steve Dale - WGN Chicago

"You will never look at a horse race, or a herd of mustangs, or even the canine of dubious parentage that is lounging on your couch, the same way."

Debra McGuire
The Las Vegas Review Journal

"Joe Camp is a natural when it comes to understanding how animals tick and a genius at telling us their story. This book is a must-read for those who love animals of any species."

Monty Roberts
Author of New York Times Best-seller
The Man Who Listens to Horses

"A masterpiece."

The Ultimate Horse

"This book is absolutely fabulous! An amazing, amazing book. You're going to love it."

Janet Parshall
Janet Parshall's America
Salem Radio Network

"Joe Camp went into nine printings with The Soul of a Horse--Life Lessons from the Herd, a mixture of autobiography, prayer, insight and horse and dog raising skills. Now from 14 Hands Press, Camp has produced The Soul of a Horse BLOGGED--The Journey Continues with a feel, a heart, a sense of perception that compels the reader to see the relationship between man and animal, between the physical and emotional forces that compete with each other to make life rewarding and motivating. Camp has become something of a master at telling us what can be learned from animals, in this case specifically horses, without making us realize we have been educated, and, that is, perhaps, the mark of a real teacher.

So if you simply love the outdoors and horses (or you just cannot believe a Hollywood guy can successfully transition to a rural life down South), then read "BLOGGED" on that level. You will find the screen storyteller's sense for dialog and scene setting intact, the emotion evident, even if the style is less fluid and the plot more overt than "Soul."

There is another side to Joe and his wife, beyond the raising of horses. The book deals with life, death, love, caring and questioning. He has underlined again in a rather quiet way how much we can learn from the patience, perception and peace raising good horses requires. If you want to continue to believe that Benji the movie was all about a cute little dog, go ahead... or that Camp's tales are simply about how to raise horses. But remember about why he writes "horse books." Then, perhaps, you will understand not just what the soul of a horse is but the soul of a man named Camp.

Jack L. Kennedy - The Joplin Independent

"To say too much about Camp's compelling book would be to spoil much of the beauty and simplicity of the story. The tightly-written, simply-designed and powerfully drawn chapters often read like short stories that flow from the heart, not just from the corral."

Jack L. Kennedy
The Joplin Independent

"Mr. Camp's 2nd book, The Soul of a Horse Blogged is even better than his first. You will laugh, cry and feel more love than ever before for your horses.”

Cheryl Lambert

"Joe's new book made me cry and laugh and just feel good about the perspectives and insights on life that he brings to his writings. Very moving in all ways good. Thank you Joe for sharing your life!"

Robin MacBlane - WOCA Radio Ocala

"Heartwarming, joyful and triumphant. A literary gem. Not just for horse lovers but for anyone who has loved any living creature."

Cate Crismani
True Cowboy Magazine

"The Soul of a Horse Blogged is fantastic. It has given me shivers, made me cry, all sorts of emotions. And I
just can't seem to put it down!"

Cheryl Pannier, WHO Radio AM 1040 Des Moines

"Joe Camp writes about horses with empathy, curiosity, and a deep regard for equine instincts and behavior. It's a book that encourages the reader, gently, to step into the herd and learn."

Debbie Moors
Horse & Rider

"I really, really like Joe's writing. It's as if he is discovering these things right along with the reader, and making sense of
it all in a very simple and logical way."

Chris Lombard, Clinician

"It takes courage and a fair bit of self-confidence to contradict conventional wisdom on the care and nature of horses the way Joe Camp does in his book. But then, this isn't the first time Camp has been proven right when it comes to animals. Through experiences both humorous and dramatic, Camp manages to create the closest attempt at a first-person perspective on the thought processes of a horse since Mr. Ed."

David Hofstede
Cowboys and Indians

The Soul of a Horse Blogged: The Journey Continues is another incredible book by Joe Camp! His story-telling talents bring us right into the journey he has experienced and keeps experiencing with his horses. The book is a catalyst for changing and doing away with all the myths that have dominated the man-made horse world for too long. I can't wait until his next book, Born to be Wild, comes out.”

Rafael Valle – Owner/Trainer of the Renowned
Stallion Ivory Pal

"Joe Camp takes you on an awe-inspiring adventure in his latest book. Emotionally engaging and truly heartwarming, and perfect for the entire family."

Aubrey Rykovich - Bit And Bridle

"With the holidays it took me a little while to find time to read, but now I just can't stop reading The Soul of a Horse Blogged! It's just wonderful!!!!!"

Yvonne Welz
Editor, The Horses Hoof

"Joe shows that animals can change your perspective and perhaps even your life. There are life lessons to be learned here that go beyond the pasture and affect the quality of your life. Read this book and feel your heart open."

Mike Thompson
Writer-Producer of the Universal film LOVE HAPPENS

"I love 'The Soul of a Horse Blogged'. It is so hard to put the book down, but I also don't want to read it too fast. I don't want it to end! I am so comforted by Joe's experiences and knowledge. Every person who loves an animal must have this book. I can't wait for the next one !!!!!!!!!"

Nina Black Reid

"I wish you could hear my excitement for Joe Camp's new book, The Soul of a Horse. It is unique, powerful, needed."

Dr. Marty Becker
Best-selling author of several "Chicken Soup for the Soul" books; Popular veterinary contributor to ABC's "Good Morning America"

“I LOVED the book! I had it read in 2 days. I had to make myself put it down. I thank Joe Camp for all the knowledge that he shares with all of us! He has brought so much light to how horses should be treated and cared for. Thank you Joe!”

Anita Large

"I read The Soul of a Horse and I see the soul of a man. I am absolutely captivated."

Dr. Robert M. Miller, DVM
Author, Lecturer, Equine Veterinarian
2004 Western States Hall of Fame

“I got my book yesterday - I hold Joe Camp responsible for my bloodshot eyes. I couldn't put it down and morning came early!!! Joe transports me into his words. I feel like I am right there sharing his experiences. And his love for not just horses,
but all of God's critters pours out from every page. Joe writes from your heart and I guess that is what captivates me and makes it so hard for me to put down one of his books.”

Ruth Swander

"The Soul of a Horse is beautiful. Everyone who reads this book will laugh a little, cry a little, and think a lot; about the horse, about mankind, and about themselves."

Pete Ramey

Author, Clinician, Hoof Rehabilitation Specialist

"The Soul of a Horse Blogged - The Journey Continues is insightful, enlightening, emotionally charged, and hilarious, with wonderfully candid photography and a story woven masterfully by a consummate storyteller. Outstanding, poignant, wonderful reading.”

Harry H. MacDonald

"I am amazed and in awe...and I'm a tough, cynical woman. The ideas in this book are phenomenal."

Holly Hazard
Innovations Director
Humane Society of the United States

"What a great book - received as a surprise gift - loved it!"

Christine Ryan

"I found The Soul Of A Horse an absolutely wonderful book that is not only easy to read, it is also very hard to put down. I highly recommend this book."

T. Michael Testi

(More Coming In Everyday)
"A beautiful book."

David Davis
KUSI-TV San Diego

"Joe speaks a clear and simple truth that grabs hold of your heart."

Yvonne Welz
Editor, The Horse's Hoof Magazine


"One does not have to love horses to appreciate Joe Camp'"Who should read this book? Every person who has a relationship with a horse, other animals, spouse, family, or other humans. So that includes just about everybody."

Kelly Bowers
The Rider Magazine


"Lately I have read a number of books that seek to explain and satisfy the human yen to connect physically, emotionally and even spiritually with the horse.   And yet The Soul of a Horse is the only one I've come across that speaks with a totally resounding note of truth.   Coincidentally (or not?) it's also the only one I've read that is written with the unflinching insight that a deep and satisfying connection with another individual - human or otherwise - requires us to set aside our own aspirations, expectations and needs in order to clearly understand those of the other. A delightful blend of autobiography, critical analysis and storytelling, this book engages the reader intellectually and emotionally from start to finish."

Ysabelle Dean
Vice President - Australian Equine Barefoot Movement Inc
Instructor, Clinician


"One does not have to love horses to appreciate Joe Camp's new book, The Soul of a Horse . And those who don't already love horses surely will by the time they finish reading. A must-read."

Maryann Miller

Joe Camp's The Soul of a Horse: Life Lessons from the Herd presents the history and majesty of equines in a way that truly touches the heart.   It's like a treasure map leading to untold riches weaving an engaging tapestry of writings that explore the evolutionary development of horses along with Camp's present day relationship with the horses that have chosen him as their leader. Joe Camp has discovered the true heart and soul of a horse.   

Candace Runaas
The World Magazine


"Hundreds of other books about horses, training, and equine management have been published, but Camp's easy-to-read prose, humor, and enlightening tales bring readers to question what truly is best for the horse."

Kryille Goldbeck
Library Journal

"Joe Camp's new book, The Soul of a Horse, should be required reading for anyone who wants horses, has horses or just plain loves horses! The book was sooo good I was sad when it ended."

Dr. Kim Bloomer
Host of Animal Talk Naturally Radio

“Your book has taken my breath away! I can’t tell you the emotion I felt as I was reading it. I haven’t been able to put it down.”

Laura Deignan

"What an amazing book! I couldn't put it down until I devoured every word, every idea, every beautiful thought. By the way, I am not a horse owner. I am quite simply an animal lover. This book will breathe a breath of fresh air into your own soul. It did mine! I am forever changed by this spectacular book!"

Raina Smith

"A must read. I was transfixed. I couldn't stop reading. I stayed up way too late, but I finished every word of it. It made me feel like a kid again, when I hid under the covers past my bedtime to read horse books--all the Walter Farley Black Stallion books. This is a great book, written with compassion, and allowing the reader to live Joe's experiences. I am in awe of how Joe Camp has managed to compile the Natural Horse wisdom into such a nurturing and personal format. I'm sure that every reader will project him/herself into the situations that Joe describes with his horses. Thanks to Joe Camp for enriching my life!"

Laurra Maddock
Ortega Mountain Ranch



"I simply love the way Joe Camp writes. He stirs my soul. He has successfully woven his personal story with horses, with a mountain of valuable information from many professional Natural Horse people, into a spellbinding book. I have cheered and cried as I have read the pages of this advance copy. This is a must-read book for everyone."

Debbie Soderberg Kirchner


"I was so excited to read this awesome book that I could not stop until I was finished. Joe is a great story teller. He has managed to pull together all of the aspects that make up this new paradigm and has done so in a manner that is somehow both gentle and forgiving to the reader as well as absolutely unquestionable. There will be so many horses (and people) that will benefit tremendously from this book! What a blessing Joe Camp is."

Terry Jenkins
Retired Zoo Sanctuary Manager; Animal Advocate


"I just finished reading The Soul of a Horse. What an amazing book! I've read many horse books but this one is my favorite."

Gerda Knuff




Copyright Camp Horse Camp, LLC


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